We treat our most valuable assets, our customers and employees, with courtesy and respect. We will always be aware that we are assisting our customers with one of their most valuable and cherished assets, their home. We will be accurate in our estimates, timely with our responses and loan closings.

Mortgage Consultant

Mortgage Consultants are responsible for originating residential mortgage loans.

Mortgage Consultants counsel prospective customers on what financing options are available and best suits their needs. They are also responsible for taking a complete application including all forms and disclosures and collecting all of the pertinent income and asset documents that allow HUNT Mortgage Corporation to make a timely and accurate loan decision.

Mortgage Processing Associate

Mortgage Processing Associates are responsible for preparing a loan package for underwriting.

Mortgage Processing Associates communicate with borrowers, Mortgage Consultants, realtors and vendors and internal associates to ensure delivery of service excellence based on the individual customer’s needs and expectations.  They also collects all necessary documentation to assemble a complete loan package.

Mortgage Underwriting Associate

Mortgage Underwriting Associates are responsible for evaluating loan packages.

Mortgage Underwriting Associates analyze all aspects of a loan package including credit, income, assets and appraisals and render a decision to approve or deny.

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