Reverse Mortgages

Do you need to….

  • Pay off your existing mortgage, medical bills or other debts?
  • Improve your monthly cash flow?
  • Fund necessary home repairs or renovations?
  • Build a “safety net” for unplanned expenses?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then a reverse mortgage from HUNT Mortgage may be right for you.  With a reverse mortgage, you can access the cash you need, all while continuing to live in your home and maintain ownership.

If you are 62 years of age or older and the home you live in is your primary residence, you may qualify.  Of course, as with any financial product, there are a few other requirements that need to be met.  To find out if you qualify, fill out the form below and our Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Karen Johnson, will contact you to schedule your no-obligation, in person appointment.  If you’d prefer to call Karen, you can reach her at 716-633-3700.

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About Karen

Our Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Karen Johnson, has 11 years of experience in helping individuals secure reverse mortgages.  When you partner with Karen, you’re working with a trusted, reliable advisor who truly cares about your financial security.

Karen Johnson
NYS NMLS #37405
Direct:  716-633-3700

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are a few popular questions we receive about reverse mortgages.  For more detailed information, we encourage you to contact our Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Karen Johnson NMLS #37405 at 716-633-3700.

Q: What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is more formally known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM).  It is a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured loan that enables you to access a portion of your home’s equity to obtain tax-free funds without having to make monthly payments.

Q: How do I qualify?

You must be 62 years of age or older and have sufficient equity in your home.

Q: Will the lender own my home?

No.  You will retain the title and ownership during the life of the loan, and you can sell your home at any time.  The loan will not become due as long as you continue to meet your loan obligations according to the FHA.

Q: Does my home need to be free and clear of any existing mortgages?

No.  In fact, many borrowers use the reverse mortgage loan to pay off an existing mortgage and eliminate monthly payments.

Q: Will I pay taxes on my loan?

No.  Reverse mortgage loan proceeds are tax-free, as it is not considered income.

Q: Am I restricted as to what I can use my loan proceeds on?

Once an existing mortgage or lien has been paid off, the net loan proceeds from your loan can be used for any reason.

Q: How do I call for more information?

Contact our Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Karen Johnson, at 716-633-3700 or email

Disclaimer:  Consult your Social Security, Medicare, tax or other financial advisor to determine how Reverse Mortgage payments may affect your particular situation.  You must also continue to occupy your home as your primary residence, keep it in good repair, with all taxes and insurance premiums up to date.  Subject to the terms of your mortgage.  This material was not developed by HUD or FHA nor approved by them.  Terms subject to change without notice.  Certain conditions and fees apply.